Please note that our current wholesale program is available for the company that has a physical shop to serve brewing coffee and for their retails due to the large amount of inquiries. Our handful numbers of staff members work for all duty including roasting, store management, and brewing coffee to represent the brand quality. We hope you understand our situation.

A beautiful cup of coffee that touches your heart.

There is a Pentagon that we value as we aim to become a 100-year company. I believe that the brand will continue to grow by achieving a good balance of these five elements: "global environment, sustainable initiatives, own health, management, and love."

We are looking for wholesale partners who sympathize with the brand philosophy and create a bright future for coffee together with us. We want to create synergies that enrich people's lives with brands that provide good products that pursue the essence, not just coffee shops. That is our goal of building a brand that will last for 100 years.

To welcome you as our partner, we strongly have desire to get to know you well, rather than just sending a box to you. We are tiny little company but has huge enthusiasm on delivering beautiful coffee and love. I want you to be a part of our journey. Let's make it happen and see the future together.

Contact (Japanese): order@leavescoffee.jp
Contact (English): wholesale@leavescoffee.jp